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Manufacturer of air environmental protection equipment

Shenzhen Green Environment Technology Co., Ltd  specializes in the development and sales of the environmental protection product , include: residential and commercial air purification products, water purification products; Commercial and industrial ozone disinfection equipment, waste gas treatment equipment, waste water treatment equipment and so on; also the design, manufacturing,installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of ozone equipment, ozone application engineering and ozone system equipment .

The main products include low voltage electrolytic water ozone generator, high voltage discharge ozone generator series, indoor air disinfection machine series, household water disinfection purification series, small sewage treatment equipment and so on.
The Innovative products, with own brand, can meet different market demand. Products with excellent quality, perfect service, access to the praise all over the world  and trust of users.


Air pollution control water pollution control project 


Professional committed to the air and water environmental protection industry, products include low voltage electrolysis type ozone generator, ozone disinfection, indoor air disinfection machine, ozone generator, the integration of small medical sewage treatment equipment, waste gas treatment, solid waste treatment, air environmental governance, heavy metal pollution treatment, formaldehyde treatment etc, has won numerous customers of different industries both at home and abroad and sure.